Classroom Language (Bahasa Yang Digunakan Dalam Ruang Kelas)
Classroom Language (Bahasa Yang Digunakan Dalam Ruang Kelas)

Classroom Language (Bahasa Yang Digunakan Dalam Ruang Kelas)

Classroom Language (Bahasa Yang Digunakan Dalam Ruang Kelas) - Classroom Language atau bisa disebut juga dengan bahasa yang kita pergunakan dalam ruang kelas. Classroom Language adalah materi pembahasan pembelajaran yang saya pelajari dan disini saya ingin berbagi kalimat/teks yang biasa digunakan didalam kelas. Mari kita belajar dan memahaminya.

Greetings/Small Talk
  • Good morning everybody/class.
  • Good afternoon everyone/class.
  • How are you?
  • What's up?
  • Have a nice day?
  • Let us wrap up for today.
Magic Words 
  • Please.
  • Thank you.
  • I am sorry.
  • Excuse me.
  • No, Thank you.
  • Pardon.
  • I appreciate it.
  • You are welcome.
  • My pleasure.
Giving Instructions In Class
  • Listen carefully.
  • Attention Please!
  • Look at me!
  • Listen to what your classmates are saying.
  • May I have your attention please?
  • I want everyone to look at the board.
  • Do you understand?
  • That is right.
  • That is what I meant. Let me say it again.
  • I mean...
  • You got it...
  • That is quite right...
  • This is what I want you to do...
  • Can I help you?
  • Do you follow me?
  • Are you with me?
  • No daydreaming, listen to your classmates.
  • Here we go...
  • Can you speak louder, Please? I can't hear you.
  • Now lets go/move on to...
  • Please pronounce each word slowly.
  • Go to active conversation/writing connection.
  • Please compleate this section/part in 5/10/... minutes.
  • Repeat each word after me.
  • Say it together.
  • Swap your book with the person next to you and...
  • Exchange your work with your partner.
  • Exchange your work with the person sitting next to you.
  • Can you check you work again?
  • Grade your classmate's work.
  • Mark the work of person sitting next to you.
  • Ready? Are you ready?
  • That's correct.
  • Let's go start.
  • Say it one more time.
  • Do you have any questions before we move forward.
  • Should I move on?
  • Is everything clear?
  • Any question?
  • Can you repeat what I said?
  • Can you speak louder?
  • That is god but can you repeat it in complete sentence?
  • Read loudly.
  • Do not scream or shout.
  • Read quietly.
  • Read with you partner.
  • Whose turn is it?
  • Who is next?
Using Textbook
  • Take out your text books.
  • Open your books.
  • Go to page...
  • Turn to next activity.
  • Open your book and go to...
  • Open page number...
  • Turn over to next page.
  • Let's move to next activity on page...
Organizing Pair Work And Group Work
  • Let's work in pairs.
  • Chose your partner.
  • Pair up.
  • Now let's get into groups of 6/5/4/3.
  • In groups of 6/5/4, please
  • Time for group work.
  • Can Lana join your group? She doesn't have a group as she came late.
  • Remember, everyone has to participate.
  • Everyone must give his or her input in the discussion.
  • Move around the classroom without making noise.
Encouraging Students To Ask/answare questions
  • Who knows the answare?
  • Raise your hand.
  • Volunteer please.
  • Anyone else wants to try?
  • Come on, dear, you try.
  • Who wants to read?
  • That's good, come and read.
  • Come and di it on the board.
  • Good try, but it is not correct. Try again.
  • Let's do it together.
  • You are doing it perfectly.
  • What do you think about it.
  • What is your opinion? It is OK to share.
Asking Students To Hand In Their Homework
  • Have you done your homework?
  • Those of you who haven't done the homework, please raise your hand.
  • Give me good reason for not doing your work.
  • This is not a good excuse.
  • Please put your homework on my desk.
  • Siti, can you collect everyone's work, thank you?
  • If you haven't done your homework, do it as soon as possible.
  • Hand in your work.
Praising Your Students
  • Good job!
  • Excellent work!
  • Fantastic work!
  • Well done!
  • That's right!
  • Terrific job!
  • Your are correct.
  • Good thinking.
  • That's an excellent question.
  • Perfect work.
  • Very creative.
  • I am so proud of you.
  • You have made me proud.
  • Good try.
  • You can do better than this.
  • I have complete faith in you.
  • Good job! that is perfect.
  • That's an excellent question.
Instructions For Test
  • Please write your name and class on the test.
  • Read carefully before starting the test.
  • Use black pen/pencil only.
  • Ask if you do not understand anything.
  • Time is up.
  • Stop writing.
  • Five more minuts left.
  • Please stop.
  • Put your pens down.
  • Leave your tests on your desk.
  • Bring your tests here.
  • Is everyone done?
  • Has everyone submitted their tests?
Wishing The Students
  • Have a good day!
  • Happy birthday!
  • Many manny happy returns of the day!
  • Good luck!
  • All the best!
  • Best wishes!
  • Good luck for your exams.
  • Good luck for the competition. I hope you are victorious.
  • Get well soon!
  • Have good holidays!
  • Happy new year!
  • Enjoy your holidays!
Ending The Class
  • Let's recap before we go.
  • Can you summarize what I said?
  • OK class, we will stop here.
  • We will continue next week.
  • Let's wrap it for this week.
  • Do you have any questions before we end this class for today?
  • Any questions before we stop?
  • Let's stop here.
  • Before we stope, tell me what have you learnt today.
  • Since we finished early, how about we play a game?
  • There are few minutes left, you can check your work again.
  • Saved by the bell, we will continue next week.
  • No time left, Let's continue in next class.
  • OK every one, let's call it a day.
  • Goodbye everyone!
  • Have a nice day!

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