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Tools Hack ROM Pokemon GBA adalah sebuah tools yang digunakan untuk mengedit dan membuat game pokemon pada Game Boy Advanced(GBA), dengan tools ini kita bisa mengubah, mengganti dan menyesuaikan alur pada game pokemon sesuai dengan apa yang kita inginkan. Atau bahasa kerennya yaitu "Hack", dimana game pokemon yang suda ada kita rubah sedemikian rupa, dengan versi kita. Sehingga tercipta Game Pokemon Baru dengan alur dan jalan cerita kita yang membuatnya. Berikut adalah toolsnya,

These tools include:
  1. A-Ptch - An advance patching system from HackMew.
  2. A-Starter - Edit the Starter Pokémon you get.
  3. Advance IntroEd - Edit aspects in the introduction of the game, such as PC items, start map and money.
  4. Advance Map 1.92 - The best mapping tool currently available for GBA ROMs.
  5. Advance Map 1.95 - The latest version of Advance Map, but more buggy.
  6. Advance Sprite, Icon & Position - Edit Pokémon sprites, their icons and their battle positions.
  7. Advance Text - Search and replace any piece of text in the rom.
  8. Advance Trainer - Edit all the trainers data and Pokémon.
  9. Animation Editor - Edit Tileset animations and add more.
  10. Cyclone Prototype - Old tool to edit R/S World Map Tilemaps.
  11. Day & Night tool - Add a Day/Night system to RSE/FRLG.
  12. Door Manager - Edit and manage all the Door animations.
  13. Egg Move Editor - Change Pokémon's Egg moves.
  14. GBA Graphics Editor - A tool to edit GBA ROM Graphics.
  15. Hurricane - The *only* working FR/LG World Map Tilemap editor.
  16. Item Image Editor - Edit the Item images.
  17. Item Manager - Change and manage Items, add new ones etc.
  18. Lunar IPS - The most used patching system, use to make and patch ROMs.
  19. LTMEP - Learnable ™ Editor Pro: Edit which Pokémon can learn which TMs.
  20. Misc. Editor - Edit misc things such as enable running shoes inside, evolution without national dex etc.
  21. Move Editor - Edit the data for all Pokémon moves.
  22. MTDE - Move Tutor Data Editor: Edit the moves that tutors teach.
  23. Multichoice Editor - Edit the default text for the included Multi Choice boxes.
  24. Nameless Tile Map Editor - Edit tile maps?
  25. Nameless Sprite Editor - Edit different Pokémon sprites.
  26. NLZ-GBA Advance - Similar to unLZ GBA but with more features.
  27. NSE 2 - Nameless Sprite Editor 2: Edit more sprites than before.
  28. Overworld Changer - Some tools to help change the size of OWs.
  29. Overworld Editor RE - Advance OW editor, import and export OWs.
  30. Repointer - Simple tool to repoint tables.
  31. SMCA - Start Map Chooser Advance: Edit the map you start the game on.
  32. Tile Molester - Old graphics editor running in Java, used to edit animations and back sprites.
  33. Tileset Manager - Add new tile sets!
  34. Trader Advance - Edit the in-game traded Pokémon and their names.
  35. Type Resistance Editor - Edit which type is weak or strong against another.
  36. unLZ GBA - Graphics tool for LZ Compressed graphics.
  37. VBA SDL H - An advanced VBA version for debugging GBA ROMs.
  38. VBA 1.7.2 - Older version of VBA.
  39. VBA-M - An updated version of VBA.
  40. XSE - The best scripting tool around.
  41. YAPE - Yet Another Pokémon Editor: Edit all aspects of the Pokémon. 
Tools Hack ROM Pokemon GBA Full Package
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